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Purim power

March 22, 2008

Lemon batteries at Platform 21's Cooking and Constructing exhibition Jan-Mar 31, 2008
Converting to citrus power for your electrical needs is one possible solution for a bumper crop of lemons

Staring a post-Purim citrus surplus in the face, my family goes out and cuts some rug. Yesterday’s email from home, making me homesick for a raucous Purim and for Meyer lemons…

We also danced to the rockin’ tunes of Rebbe Yosh’s band, ‘The Dimpled Foreskin’. Your Auntie Sheba and I, and then your Mom and I cut some serious rug. Mom also does a mean “hand jive” to the tune…”Hand Jive”. Hey, it was Purim.

On another note, I filled TWO large grocery bags with Meyer lemons, and one bag with with Bears limes. And, there are still oranges out the woz (where is that?) with a large bag full on the kitchen counter. The oranges are the best we’ve ever had… juicy and sweet.


Dad and Mom reading in bed…

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